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Job NumberJob DescriptionStart DateDistrict Name
ERAV0071985-0056Administrators - Part-time 01/05/2015East Ramapo School District
EASN0073553-0001Art - High School 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
EASN0073559-0001Art - P/T, High School/Middle School 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
BEDN0073597-6013Art Teacher - Leave Replacement approxim03/25/2015Bedford Central School District
SCAN0073251-0001Art Teacher - Senior High School 09/01/2015Scarsdale Public Schools
SCAN0073245-0001Art Teacher - skilled in 2D/3D Art 09/01/2015Scarsdale Public Schools
OSSV0073074-0056Assist. Supt. for Academic Services 07/01/2015Ossining U.F.S.D.
CHAN0073066-0056Assistant Principal - Horace Greeley HS 07/01/2015Chappaqua Central School District
WPLV0073403-0056Assistant Principal Middle School 08/01/2015White Plains Public Schools
GRNV0071156-0000Assistant Principal- High School 11/05/2014Greenburgh Central School District
EASV0073552-0058Assistant Superintendent For Business 08/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
SWBV0071590-0061Associate Director for Student Services 07/01/2015Southern Westchester BOCES
CHAV0073583-0056Asst. Supt. For HR/Leadership Develop 07/01/2015Chappaqua Central School District
TUCN0073405-0000Athletic Director 07/01/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
MTVN0070961-0000Behavioral Specialist 11/17/2014Mt. Vernon School District
CHAN0073548-0002Biology - High School Leave Replacement 05/26/2015Chappaqua Central School District
VALN0073585-5020Biology-HS,Long Term Sub-Anticipated 03/16/2015Valhalla U.F.S.D.
MTVN0070399-0000Biology-Living Environment - Substitute 11/03/2014Mt. Vernon School District
NANN0073383-6021Business Teacher (1.0) 09/01/2015Nanuet School District
EASN0073569-0000Cleaner - Per Diem Sub 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
VALN0073000-0000Coach - Varsity Boys Tennis 03/09/2015Valhalla U.F.S.D.
BYRN0073577-0000Coach - Assistant Varsity Girls Track & 03/02/2015Byram Hills School District
YORN0072636-0000Coach - Asst Varsity Girls Lacrosse 03/09/2015Yorktown Central Schools
YORN0072637-0000Coach - Asst Varsity Softball 03/09/2015Yorktown Central Schools
YORN0072642-0000Coach - Asst Varsity Track & Field 03/09/2015Yorktown Central Schools
LAKN0073453-0000Coach - Baseball - JV & Freshman 03/09/2015Lakeland Central School District
BBRN0073373-0000Coach - Boys Modified Tennis 03/23/2015Blind-Brook-Rye U.F.S.D.
TUCN0073546-0000Coach - Girls Tennis 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
BREN0073502-0000Coach - Girls Varsity Volleyball-BHS 09/01/2015Brewster Central School District
YORN0072641-0000Coach - Head Freshman Girls Lacrosse 03/09/2015Yorktown Central Schools
YORN0072638-0000Coach - Head Freshman Softball 03/09/2015Yorktown Central Schools
YORN0072639-0000Coach - Head JV Baseball 03/09/2015Yorktown Central Schools
RYNN0072528-0000Coach - Head JV Girls Lacrosse 01/16/2015Rye Neck U.F.S.D.
BRIN0071839-0000Coach - JV Girls Lacrosse Head 03/09/2015Briarcliff Manor U.F.S.D.
TUCN0073537-0000Coach - JV Girls Volleyball 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
TUCN0073540-0000Coach - JV or Asst Varsity Boys Soccer 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
BRIN0071838-0000Coach - JV Softball Head 03/09/2015Briarcliff Manor U.F.S.D.
MAHN0073090-0000Coach - Lacrosse, Girl's Asst. Varsity 03/09/2015Mahopac Public Schools
LAKN0073454-0000Coach - Modified Baseball 03/09/2015Lakeland Central School District
TUCN0073541-0000Coach - Modified Boys Soccer 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
TUCN0073545-0000Coach - Modified Cheerleading 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
BRIN0071841-0000Coach - Modified Girls Lax Head 03/09/2015Briarcliff Manor U.F.S.D.
TUCN0073538-0000Coach - Modified Girls Volleyball 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
BEDN0073431-0000Coach - Modified Softball 03/16/2015Bedford Central School District
BRIN0071842-0000Coach - Modified Softball Head 03/09/2015Briarcliff Manor U.F.S.D.
TUCN0073539-0000Coach - Varsity Boys Soccer 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
TUCN0073544-0000Coach - Varsity Cheerleading 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
TUCN0073531-0000Coach - Varsity Football 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
TUCN0073542-0000Coach - Varsity Girls Soccer 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
TUCN0073536-0000Coach - Varsity Girls Volleyball 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
VALN0073001-0000Coach - Varsity Track Girls Assistant 03/09/2015Valhalla U.F.S.D.
TUCN0073543-0000Coach -JV or Assist Varsity Girls Soccer08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
TUCN0073535-0000Coaches - Modified Football (2) 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
TUCN0073533-0000Coaches -Varsity Assistant Football (2) 08/17/2015Tuckahoe UFSD
BYRN0073343-0000Coaching - Assistant JV Softball Coach 03/02/2015Byram Hills School District
WPLV0073508-0061Coordinator of Mathematics K-6 04/01/2015White Plains Public Schools
HASN0073503-0000Director of Facilities 03/16/2015Hastings-on-Hudson U.F.S.D
BYRV0072469-0056Director of Fine Arts (G. K-12) 07/01/2015Byram Hills School District
HARV0073299-0000Director of Guidance 07/01/2015Harrison Central School District
MTVN0073380-0000Director of Health and Physical Educatio03/16/2015Mt. Vernon School District
ERAV0073451-0000Director of Personnel 07/01/2015East Ramapo School District
PNWV0073242-0056Director of Special Education 07/01/2015Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES
MTVN0070406-0000Early Literacy Specialist - Substitute 11/03/2014Mt. Vernon School District
ERAN0073281-0000Elementary Bilingual (Spanish) Teachers 09/01/2015East Ramapo School District
ROCN0072560-0013Elementary Bilingual Ext. required 09/01/2015North Rockland (Haverstraw-Stony Point)
OSSN0073289-0000Elementary Dual Lang-Leave Repl 03/02/2015Ossining U.F.S.D.
WPLN0073465-0010Elementary Ed Grade 6 Mathematics 04/15/2015White Plains Public Schools
EASN0073554-0010Elementary Education 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
SCAN0073246-0010Elementary K-5 Classroom Teachers 09/01/2015Scarsdale Public Schools
MTVN0071792-0000Elementary Teacher - (2), Leave Repl 12/19/2014Mt. Vernon School District
PELN0073202-3014Elementary Teacher - Leave Repl 04/27/2015Pelham U.F.S.D.
CHAN0073072-0010Elementary Teachers - Gr.K-4 09/01/2015Chappaqua Central School District
MTVN0070395-0000Elementary Teachers - Substitutes 11/03/2014Mt. Vernon School District
CHAN0073067-0000English - High School 09/01/2015Chappaqua Central School District
EASN0073560-0011English - P/T, High School 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
EASN0073561-0012English as a Second Language- PT HS 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
SCAN0073248-0011English Lang Arts/Helping Teacher 09/01/2015Scarsdale Public Schools
ARDV0073317-5013English Teacher - Probationary 08/31/2015Ardsley U.F.S.D.
ERAN0073457-7080ESL .2 03/25/2015East Ramapo School District
ERAN0073456-7080ESL .4 03/25/2015East Ramapo School District
ERAN0073458-0039ESL Math .2 03/25/2015East Ramapo School District
ERAN0073459-0000ESL Science .2 03/25/2015East Ramapo School District
ERAN0073460-0068ESL Social Studies .2 03/25/2015East Ramapo School District
MTVN0070407-0000ESL Teachers - Substitutes 11/03/2014Mt. Vernon School District
ROCN0072559-5013ESL/ELA Dual Certification 09/01/2015North Rockland (Haverstraw-Stony Point)
LAKN0073429-0000Family & Consumer Science Teacher 09/01/2015Lakeland Central School District
EASN0073566-0035Foreign Lang - Italian/Spanish PT, MS 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
EASN0073562-0038Foreign Lang - Latin, PT, High School 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
MPCN0073463-0000GED Teachers 03/09/2015Mount Pleasant Cottage School UFSD
MTVN0070398-0000General Science Teachers - Substitutes 11/03/2014Mt. Vernon School District
EASN0073555-0059Guidance - High School 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
MTVN0070646-0000Health Teacher - Part Time 10/16/2014Mt. Vernon School District
EASN0073567-0051Health/Physical Ed - PT, MS 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
ERAN0073282-0000High School Bilingual (Spanish) Teachers09/01/2015East Ramapo School District
BEDN0073240-1012House Dir/Asst Principal - Leave Repl 02/24/2015Bedford Central School District
SOMN0073449-0000Instructional Technology Learning Coach 08/31/2015Somers Central School District
PNWV0073433-0056Interim Director of Special Education 04/06/2015Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES
NSAN0073046-7020Library Media Specialist 04/15/2015North Salem Central School District
ERAN0070773-7020Library Media Specialist 09/01/2015East Ramapo School District
KATN0073169-7020Library Media Specialist - Elementary 03/23/2015Katonah-Lewisboro U.F.S.D
CHAN0073068-0063Library Media Specialist - HS 09/01/2015Chappaqua Central School District
CRON0073446-0000Math Teacher - High School 02/25/2015Croton-Harmon U.F.S.D.
MTVN0070397-0000Math Teachers - Substitutes 11/03/2014Mt. Vernon School District
EASN0073556-0039Mathematics - Middle School 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
SCAN0073254-0039Mathematics Dept.Chair-Administration 09/01/2015Scarsdale Public Schools
SCAN0073253-0039Mathematics Teacher - Sr. High School 09/01/2015Scarsdale Public Schools
EASN0073563-0039Mathematics/Computer Programming 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
MAMN0073500-0000Media Communications Leave Repl 03/23/2015Mamaroneck UFSD
CHAN0073070-0040Music - Orchestra, HS 09/01/2015Chappaqua Central School District
MTVN0070075-0000Music Teacher - Substitute 11/03/2014Mt. Vernon School District
CHAN0073514-0040Music: Long Term Substitute, leave repl03/06/2015Chappaqua Central School District
EASN0073570-0000Nurse - Per Diem Sub 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
PVAN0072877-0000Nurses - Substitute RNs 01/28/2015Putnam Valley School District
RKBN0068738-0000Nursing Instructor - Part time 08/28/2014Rockland BOCES
BEDN0073409-0047Occupational Therapist 07/06/2015Bedford Central School District
PNWN0073106-0047Occupational Therapist - Special Ed 07/06/2015Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES
NRON0073494-0000Permanent Building Sub- High School 02/25/2015New Rochelle City School District
BEDN0073410-0048Physcial Therapist 07/06/2015Bedford Central School District
PEKN0073532-0051Physical Education Teacher 03/16/2015Peekskill City School District
PEAN0073589-0051Physical Education Teacher-Probationary 09/01/2015Pearl River School District
PNWN0073107-0048Physical Therapist - Special Education 07/06/2015Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES
PEKV0073584-0056Principal - Elementary, (K-1) 07/01/2015Peekskill City School District
ARDV0073301-1012Principal - High School 07/01/2015Ardsley U.F.S.D.
OSSV0073075-0056Principal - Park Early Childhood Center 07/01/2015Ossining U.F.S.D.
GRNV0073378-0000Public Relations Assistant (PT) 02/23/2015Greenburgh Central School District
SCAN0073247-0053Reading Teachers - F/T & P/T 09/01/2015Scarsdale Public Schools
MTVN0070396-0000Reading Teachers - Substitute 11/03/2014Mt. Vernon School District
PNWV0073609-0070Reg Coor of Social St/Blended Learning 07/01/2015Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES
RKBN0070431-0000Registered Nurses - Substitutes 10/23/2014Rockland BOCES
GGRN0072883-0049Registered Professional Nurse 02/16/2015Greenburgh-Graham U.F.S.D.
ARDN0073448-0000School Bus Driver - Part-Time 03/02/2015Ardsley U.F.S.D.
LAKN0073430-0000School Counselor 09/01/2015Lakeland Central School District
MTVN0069969-0000School Library Media Specialists 10/17/2014Mt. Vernon School District
GREN0073605-0000School Media Specialist 02/27/2015Greenburgh Eleven U.F.S.D.
EASN0073571-0000School Monitor - Per Diem Sub 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
BEDN0073411-0000School Nurse 07/06/2015Bedford Central School District
RYNN0073371-0000School Psychologist 03/13/2015Rye Neck U.F.S.D.
NANN0073420-0066School Psychologist - Leave Replacement 05/04/2015Nanuet School District
ERAN0073280-0066School Psychologist Leave Replacement 02/17/2015East Ramapo School District
LAKN0073425-0000School Social Worker 09/01/2015Lakeland Central School District
CHAN0073069-0002Science - HS, Dual Cert preferred 09/01/2015Chappaqua Central School District
HARN0072966-0000Science Teacher - Long-term Substitute 05/18/2015Harrison Central School District
LAKN0073427-0000Science Teachers (3 positions) 09/01/2015Lakeland Central School District
EASN0073564-0068Social Studies - PT, High School 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
SCAN0073255-0068Social Studies - Regular Sub 09/01/2015Scarsdale Public Schools
ERAN0072797-0068Social Studies Leave Replacement 01/23/2015East Ramapo School District
LAKN0073426-0000Social Studies Teacher 09/01/2015Lakeland Central School District
MTVN0070402-0000Social Studies Teachers - Substitutes 11/03/2014Mt. Vernon School District
CHAN0073071-0069Spanish/French-HS,Dual Cert preferred 09/01/2015Chappaqua Central School District
GNON0073192-9051Special Ed - Part time long term sub 02/23/2015Greenburgh-North Castle
LAKN0073412-0000Special Ed Teacher - Leave Repl. 03/09/2015Lakeland Central School District
BEDN0073407-0070Special Ed Teacher -Extended School 07/06/2015Bedford Central School District
PNWN0073104-0070Special Ed Therapist/Teacher -Temp 05/01/2015Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES
GREN0073418-0000Special Ed. Teacher- Middle School 02/24/2015Greenburgh Eleven U.F.S.D.
GNON0073193-9051Special Ed/ English - long term sub 02/23/2015Greenburgh-North Castle
EASN0073557-0070Special Education - High School 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
CHAN0073279-9014Special Education - Leave Replacement 04/13/2015Chappaqua Central School District
EASN0073565-0070Special Education - PT, High School 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
GARN0073287-9013Special Education Teacher (K-2) Leave Re04/07/2015Garrison School District
LAKN0073424-0000Special Education Teacher - Elementary 09/01/2015Lakeland Central School District
LAKN0073422-0000Special Education Teacher - High School 09/01/2015Lakeland Central School District
BEDN0073406-0070Special Education Teacher - Leave Repl 03/16/2015Bedford Central School District
SCAN0073249-0070Special Education Teacher - MS 09/01/2015Scarsdale Public Schools
SCAN0073252-0070Special Education Teacher - Sr. HS 09/01/2015Scarsdale Public Schools
LAKN0073423-0000Special Education Teachers (2) - MS 09/01/2015Lakeland Central School District
EASN0073558-9021Speech & Language - Elementary 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
BEDN0073408-9021Speech & Language Specialists 07/06/2015Bedford Central School District
PNWN0073105-0070Speech&Lang. Pathologist - Special Ed 07/06/2015Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES
ERAN0072374-9021Speech/Language Pathologist - Leave Repl01/30/2015East Ramapo School District
HASN0073518-0000Substitiute School Nurse 03/02/2015Hastings-on-Hudson U.F.S.D
SORN0071390-0000Substitute Custodial Worker 11/17/2014South Orangetown School District
ELMN0071679-0000Substitute Nurse 12/02/2014Elmsford U.F.S.D.
SOMN0069356-0000Substitute Nurses - Per diem 09/02/2014Somers Central School District
SORN0071391-0049Substitute Registered Nurse 11/17/2014South Orangetown School District
RKBN0072915-0000Substitute School Psychologist 02/12/2015Rockland BOCES
RKBN0072916-0000Substitute School Social Worker 02/12/2015Rockland BOCES
SOMN0069355-0000Substitute Support Staff 09/02/2014Somers Central School District
TARN0072687-0000Substitute Teacher 01/22/2015Public Schools of the Tarrytowns
EASN0073572-0010Substitute Teacher - Per Diem 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
SORN0071389-0000Substitute Teacher's Aide 11/17/2014South Orangetown School District
CRON0070924-0000Substitute Teacher- Elementary 10/31/2014Croton-Harmon U.F.S.D.
CRON0068195-0000Substitute Teacher- Middle & High School08/01/2014Croton-Harmon U.F.S.D.
ELMN0069930-0000Substitute Teachers 10/02/2014Elmsford U.F.S.D.
OSSN0058516-0000Substitute Teachers 07/11/2013Ossining U.F.S.D.
SOMN0069354-0000Substitute Teachers 09/02/2014Somers Central School District
SORN0071427-0000Substitute Teachers 11/19/2014South Orangetown School District
BREN0073353-0000Substitute Teachers-Brewster Central Sch04/08/2015Brewster Central School District
SORN0071428-0000Substitute Teaching Assistant 11/19/2014South Orangetown School District
TARN0072688-0000Substitute Teaching Assistants 01/22/2015Public Schools of the Tarrytowns
ELMN0069931-0000Substitute Teaching Assistants 10/02/2014Elmsford U.F.S.D.
RKBN0067060-0000Substitutes 07/02/2014Rockland BOCES
RKBN0068739-0000TASC Instructor 08/28/2014Rockland BOCES
HALN0073359-0040Teacher - Instructional/General Music, K08/31/2015Haldane Central School District
HALN0073213-0070Teacher - Special Education (Grades 6-8)08/31/2015Haldane Central School District
GGRN0073521-0000Teacher Aide 02/26/2015Greenburgh-Graham U.F.S.D.
GNON0073472-0000Teacher Aides Hourly 03/02/2015Greenburgh-North Castle
ERAN0073013-0000Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) 09/01/2015East Ramapo School District
PVAN0072235-0000Teaching Apprentices – Elemen & SpEd 09/01/2015Putnam Valley School District
MPBN0071833-0000Teaching Apprentices – Elemen& SpEd 06/29/2015Mt. Pleasant-Blythedale U.F.S.D.
PEKN0073516-0000Teaching Assistant 03/16/2015Peekskill City School District
WPLN0073349-3014Teaching Assistant (teacher certificate)02/19/2015White Plains Public Schools
EASN0073573-0127Teaching Assistant - Per Diem Sub 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
RKBN0067062-0000Teaching Assistants 09/01/2014Rockland BOCES
EASN0073568-0073Technology - PT, Middle School 09/01/2015Eastchester U.F.S.D.
SCAN0073250-0073Technology Education Teacher - MS 09/01/2015Scarsdale Public Schools
ROCN0073593-0073Technology Education- Probationary 09/01/2015North Rockland (Haverstraw-Stony Point)
ARDV0073318-5013Theater Arts/Theater Direct -PT HS 08/31/2015Ardsley U.F.S.D.