Welcome to the BOCES On-Line Application System for Educators, serving participating school districts in several regions of New York State.

The on-line system is free to applicants. You will be asked to choose a unique User Name and Password, which will allow for easy editing and updating of your application at any time. Your application will be active for one year.

Please be sure to complete all mandatory portions of the application. You will not be allowed to apply to jobs if your application is incomplete.

You will have an opportunity to apply for specific vacancies (up to 12 maximum per session) and/or allow all districts to view your application. You may block one district from viewing your application. Vacancies are updated daily. You can reenter the system at any time (using your User Name and Password) to apply to new listings. Please be aware that districts whose vacancies appear have committed to using this system as their primary source for filling vacancies. Please do not send paper resumes to these districts. Other districts listed will be able to view your application when searching for candidates by certification(s) area. Individual districts will contact you if they require any additional information.


What Is Required To Complete The On-Line Application for Educators

You should have several pieces of information at hand prior to beginning this application process. There is a time limit for the application session. It is important that you do have all the required information before beginning this application. You may click on the QUIT button at the bottom of this screen to exit the program. You may then begin again when you do have all the required data.

Once you have completed the on-line application, you may return and make changes and additions to your application by logging onto the system using the User Name and Password you will enter during the initial application process. Please record your User Name and Password for future use. Remember to keep this information private.

Required Information:
Educational Preparation Name and location of High School. Name(s), dates of attendance,
degree earned, GPA, Major/Minor of college(s)
Certification Title, date issued and type
Educational Experience
District name and location, position, grade, subject,
employment dates, reason for leaving
Tenure Area, district, address, date granted
District name and location, school name, grade, subject,
dates, supervisor
Other Work experience, employer, address, position, employment dates
References (a minimum
of three required)
Name, position, district or company, telephone.
You may choose a "Do not contact" option for each reference
Military Service, discharge date and type
Cover Letter/Resume
Upload Microsoft Word, Publisher, Word Perfect, Works (save as .rtf), PDF or
ASCII documents
Criminal Background Answer questions concerning any criminal records
You must complete the application by pressing the APPLY button on the last page.

Thank you for using the BOCES On-Line Application System for Educators.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this system, please e-mail or call us at (914) 248-2358 within the Metropolitan area. Outside the Metropolitan area, please call (800) 435-3351.