What applicants think...

 “…I’m very impressed by the site and by the number of school districts that use it…” - Roberta Hurwitz

“…more job listings than any other source! Keep up the good work!” - Jolene Harrod

“…I really like the convenience of applying to multiple districts at the same time.” - Mackenzie Marks

“…Without a doubt in my mind, the OLAS site was the best tool available to me in finding employment, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart...” - Diane Frawley

“As an out-of-state applicant, the OLAS system proved to be an invaluable resource for me…” - Genevieve S. Duque

“…Without having access to local papers or an intricate knowledge of districts in the area, OLAS made the transition possible.” - Jim Miles, Minnesota teacher extraordinaire hoping to move to New York

“…Within a matter of days, I had my first interview, followed a week later by a demo, then an offer…” - Peter Lee

“…Instructions were clear and concise, and e-mail response to my application was nearly immediate…” - Seth Moldow

“I recommend any teacher serious about seeking a new position to use this method of contacting schools throughout the area.” - Julius Adams

“…OLAS helped me to learn about the school district(s) of my choice before I went on an interview…” - Charise King

“…I am happily employed as an Assistant Principal, about to become a Principal, due in part to the services of OLAS…” - Marianne Serratore

“…I applied to 12 schools in minutes. I saved money too, because I didn’t have to mail anything or photocopy a single sheet of paper…” - Steven M. Blais

What districts think...

“In this era of shrinking resources, OLAS makes posting and candidate management a breeze!” - Deputy Superintendent, Carmel Central School District

“We can't imagine what the recruiting process would look like without OLAS.  The features found in OLAS simplify what would otherwise be a daunting task.  In particular, the candidate filtering capabilities allow us to strategically identify the candidates that are the best qualified for our available positions and reduce huge candidate pools into manageable numbers.” - Director of Technology and Certified Staff, Elmsford UFSD

“I find this organization to be very helpful in reaching out to a large pool of candidates in a short period of time.” - Human Resources, North Shore Central School District

“Indian River Central School District is located in the 1000 Islands region of the state.  Even though we are geographically situated in the North Country, we successfully recruit and hire new full time employees each year utilizing OLAS.” - Director of Human Resources, Indian River Central School District

“OLAS has dramatically improved our recruiting practices, allowing us to streamline process and procedures. Thank you!”  - Former Asst. Supt., Public Schools of the Tarrytowns

“…Within 24 hours of posting an emergency vacancy, we had 28 applicants. The final candidate was in the classroom 2 days later. Thank you for making this possible.” – Former Asst. Supt. for Instruction, Irvington UFSD

“…I used the system to apply for a job. Now I’m a Principal using the system. The interface is easy, and I like being able to print out cover letters and resumes…” – Former Principal, New City Elementary School

“…I have been quite happy with the site. I can narrow my search for candidates by using very specific criteria. The e-mail feature is very convenient…” - Ardsley UFSD

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