Fulmar Road Students Learn Food Web Chain of Command


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Mahopac — A moose may be bigger than a butterfly, but both are primary consumers in the food web. That is just one of the interesting facts students at Fulmar Road Elementary School learned during a recent visit from Lauren Barbieri from the Center for Environmental Education at PNW BOCES. Barbieri presented hands-on learning about the food web, a system of interlocking and interdependent food chains.

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to food webs, Barbieri told fourth graders in Kathleen Barrett’s class. “A moose and a butterfly are very different in size, but they are both herbivores.”

Barbieri also brought animal skulls for students to examine. The type of teeth and jaws animals have make it easier for them to eat the type of foods they are meant to consume.

Barrett said that the visit was well timed. “It ties in to our study of the food web, as part of Science 21,” she said.

Fulmar Road students study the food web during a visit from Lauren Barbieri from the PNW BOCES Center of Environmental Education.