Urban Forestry Students Rise to Occasion of Storm Clean Up

March 13, 2019

Whether it was climbing trees to prune storm-damaged branches or operating heavy machinery to rid the campus of the last of the snow, Urban Forestry/Arboriculture students at the Tech Center at Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES were busy at work this week, caring for the campus after the storms.
“They basically are doing anything that needs to be done,” said Urban Forestry teacher John Madden. “The snow and ice storms have been hard on the trees on campus.”
Student Ivan Oliveira, from John Jay High School, was high up in a tree, trimming away damaged branches. “He is really amazing at this,” said Madden.
The Yorktown campus provides the ideal outdoor classroom for students to learn and perfect their skills in climbing and pruning trees; operating backhoes and other heavy machinery; and learning about soil, plants, and landscape design. Students also learn how to start and manage a business.
Urban Forestry student Ivan Oliveira, from John Jay High School, perfects his tree-climbing and pruning skills on the PNW BOCES campus.