Student ‘Ambassadors’ Create Recruitment App

December 19, 2018

Career and Technical Education (CTE) student ambassadors at PNW BOCES like their programs so much that they are creating an app to recruit more students.

The students recently worked with MAD-learn, a mobile-app-development company, to create the app. “We were so impressed with a presentation the company did in September, that we brought them in on superintendent’s conference day in November to present to staff,” said CTE Director Cathy Balestrieri. PNW BOCES then contracted with MAD-learn to work with students to create the app.
CTE’s ‘ambassadors’— students chosen from each program because of their exceptional grades and work ethic — worked together to create the app recently. They incorporated all CTE programs—including Architectural Design, Sports Medicine, Child Development, Microcomputer Technology, Veterinary Science and much more—into the app, which will spread awareness about the diversity and scope of CTE programs.

Gregg Stone, director of curriculum and implementation for MAD-learn, instructed students on how to create the app during a recent seminar. “You can add maps, video galleries, and links, among other things, to the app to show what the programs offer,” Stone told students.

The app launched at the end of January. To download the app, click the link below and download the MAD-store app. Then enter The Tech Center, and click Search. Next click on View Now.
CTE student ambassadors Mya Millan, Brewster, and Justin Rivas, Putnam Valley work on the recruitment app.