Ossining’s Nasir Keshan Browne Recognized as Student of Distinction

December 13, 2018

“Hood down, head up!” The positive words describing Nasir Keshan Browne allude to why the junior at Putnam | Northern Westchester's Fox Meadow High School was recently honored as a Student of Distinction. The ceremony took place at Nasir’s home district of Ossining, at a Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, December 12, 2018.
“It’s our pleasure to recognize Nasir on his accomplishments this evening,” said BOCES District Superintendent Dr. James Ryan. Joining Dr. Ryan at the podium were Ossining Superintendent Dr. Ray Sanchez; Fox Meadow Principal Dr. Nicole Ginexi; as well as Nasir’s teacher Mike Colvan and school social worker Randy Hill.
Dr. Ginexi invited Nasir to stand with them and addressed him directly.
“From the moment you arrived on our campus this fall, Nasir, your peers and the staff gravitated towards you because of your kind personality, generosity, and lighthearted sense of humor,” she said. “I’ve seen your ability to listen, reflect, and take advice from others. We are very proud of you.”
Nasir’s trajectory in the last few months exemplifies Fox Meadow’s motto “back on track.” When he visited the school last year, his head was down and his hood up, recalled Hill.
“Fast forward to today,” said Hill from the podium. “The silent kid student who wouldn’t shake our hands at first is fist-bumping and high-fiving all over campus.”
He shared a few observations from other staff members: Nasir is quick to offer peers positive feedback, advocates for himself and others, is a diligent worker, and is respectful to peers, staff, and the school environment.
“In a few short months, Nasir is considered a school leader by all on our campus,” said Hill.
As the room broke out in applause, Dr. Sanchez awarded Nasir a commemorative medal and certificate.