Erica Andre, BOCES Student of Distinction, Exemplifies American Dream

March 13, 2019

In many ways, Erica Andre, a New Visions Health student at Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES Tech Center and a senior at Hendrick Hudson High School, exemplifies the American dream. She and her brother Marcus immigrated from Haiti ten years ago, joining their mother, Inolene Andre Fenalon, who arrived eight years prior.
In that span of time, Erica gained the certifications necessary to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Cortlandt Healthcare Center and an EMT for the Peekskill Ambulance Corp and the Peekskill Firehouse. She has her sights set on going to medical school and becoming a neurosurgeon.
For her excellence and dedication, Erica was recognized by BOCES as a Student of Distinction at the Hendrick Hudson Board of Education meeting on March 13, 2019.
Hendrick Hudson’s Superintendent of Schools Joseph E. Hochreiter awarded Erica a medal of distinction while Caroline Murphy, RN, and Veronica Farlow, RN, MSN—Erica’s Career and Technical Education teachers at BOCES—gave her a commemorative certificate. John McCarthy, BOCES’ assistant superintendent, and Stephen Lowery, executive principal of the Tech Center, were also in attendance.
“Erica is also president of Skills USA at the Tech Center and is earning college credits as a New Visions Health student,” Ms. Farlow said. “She has what it takes to achieve all of her goals.”
“This young lady is going to go far in life,” said Principal Lowery. “As a New Visions Health student, Erica has the opportunity to shadow healthcare professionals in local hospitals two days a week, from November to May.”
Erica’s older brother, Marcus, watched the ceremony with pride. He graduated from BOCES’ New Visions Health program in 2017 and is a premed student at Curry College.
“Our mom told us, ‘Go out there and take chances,’” said Erica. “She always wanted to be a nurse. In many ways, she is my inspiration. She always says, ‘whatever you want to do, go out and do it!’”
Erica was delighted to receive the evening’s honor as well as focus on her next steps. She still needed to take a hazmat certification test and prepare for a Skills USA CPR competition the following day.