Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)


With the passing of the Laws of 2012, as amended, annual professional performance review process for instructional staff has been split into two (2) categories- staff covered by the 100.2[o] and those staff covered by Section 3012-c and Subpart 30-2.

Staffs covered who fall into the evaluation procedure required by 100.2[o] include the follow job titles: Pupil Personnel Staff (e.g. School Social Workers, School Psychologist), Related Services personnel, Teacher Aides, and Teaching Assistants.

Staffs covered by Section 3012-c and Subpart 30-2 are those staff who serve as the ‘Teacher of Record” for specific courses. Job titles for these staffs vary by individual class being taught and composition of students.

If you are unsure which category you fall into, please speak with your supervisor.