PNW BOCES Appoints New Regional Safety Coordinator


Frank Guglieri joined Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES this month as Regional Safety Coordinator, overseeing safety issues both at BOCES and in its 18 component school districts.

In his 16 years as a chemistry and forensics teacher in the Wappingers Central School District, Frank says he developed a keen interest in safety programs at the school building and district level.

“I started teaching just after Columbine happened, so safety has always been part of my teaching experience,” he says. In addition to teaching, he took on chemical hygiene roles for Wappingers and a new interest was born. “As my job evolved, safety really developed into a passion of mine,” he says. At the time he gained further experience with safety consultant work.

Guglieri, who, for the past 10 years has also taught chemistry and forensics classes at Vasser College and chemistry at Dutchess Community College, was ready for something different when the BOCES Regional Safety Coordinator position opened up. “I felt that I had grown as far as I could as a teacher, so this change of career course came at a perfect time.”

PNW BOCES’ Regional Safety Services provides districts with customized emergency response training and safety programs to enhance their prevention, preparedness, response and recovery capability. The department also conducts environmental health and safety inspections and investigations and assists with regulatory compliances.

“I’m very excited to be here at PNW BOCES and am thrilled to have the opportunity,” Guglieri says, noting that everyone has been extremely helpful during his transition into his new role.