The Power of Picture Books

March 23, 2018

Can picture books help educators and other professionals guide student behavior in a positive way? Dr. Carol Franks-Randall thinks so.
The former PNW BOCES teacher and administrator has worn many hats in her professional career, from special education teacher and director of special education at BOCES to elementary school principal and district superintendent. Her latest hat, that of children’s book author, recently brought her back to the Yorktown campus where her career began, to lead a workshop called “Using Picture Books to Promote Pro-social Skills” for teachers and other professionals.
During the first part of her visit, Dr. Franks-Randall read her newly published book, “Jamal and Me,” to Walden students.  Library Teaching Assistant Esmelinda Bucchignano hosted the guest author event.
As word of her appearance spread around the BOCES campus, excited staff who  had worked with her earlier in her career showed up to say hello. “It was a joy to have Dr. Franks-Randall rejoin our BOCES family to read her book to our Walden students,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lynn Allen.
During the afternoon, Dr. Franks-Randall presented an interactive workshop to educators and other professionals focusing on how to utilize picture books to enhance and promote pro-social skills. Participants learned how to be discerning about picture book selection with respect to strengthening social skills and reviewed strategies for conducting effective read-aloud sessions.
Jacquie Levine, Coordinator of Regional Literacy and Teacher Center Services, was instrumental in arranging the workshop.
“I won’t be teaching you anything new, “said Dr. Franks-Randall. “But I’m hoping to get you to think about using picture books in a different way, to be a bit more strategic in your selection.”
Dr. Franks-Randall shared her book-writing journey with the group and presented sample scenarios where picture books could be used to guide behavior and social skills.
“Dr. Franks-Randall, BOCES’ ‘homegrown author,’ brought a wealth of experience to her presentation and left us all feeling inspired and energized,” said Dr. Allen.