Teens and Tots Both Shine at Preschool Graduation

June 08, 2018

There were two reasons for celebrating at the Teens and Tots preschool on the campus of Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES recently. One for the preschoolers graduating from the program, and the other for the high school students who work in the school as part of their Child Development and Education program at The Tech Center.
“We celebrate your children and had a wonderful year with them,” teacher Melissa Davis told parents of preschool graduates. “We will miss them!” Davis also lauded her Career and Technical Education (CTE) high school students. “They came in every Tuesday and Thursday with love in their hearts and took wonderful care of these preschoolers and watched them grow,” Davis said. “And I have watched my high school students grow as well!”
Arianna Ramos, from Carmel High School, said she learned so much in the Child Development and Education program. “The hands-on experience is excellent preparation for being a teacher,” she said.
Mia Balkaran, from Somers, said, “We learned how to make lesson plans and really learn about teaching.”
Wesley Cancro, from Yorktown, agreed. “This is a fantastic program. I learned so much about the field of education.”
Students in the Child Development and Education program at The Tech Center study child development, educational theory, classroom management, and education law and run the on-site Teens and Tots preschool two days a week.
Preschoolers graduate from Teens and Tots preschool at The Tech Center at Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES.