Tech Physics Class Puts Learning in Motion

November 03, 2017

New Visions Engineering students in Robert Stanford’s physics class learned more than just a lesson in physics during a recent class. “The students are using their newly obtained calculus skills to analyze the motion of objects in one dimension,” said Stanford.
To a layman, that translates into students positioning a ball bearing on a plank, releasing the ball, and having another member of their group film the results, both with the plank lying flat and at a slant. Students then analyze what they filmed.
“These types of activities, combining calculus and physics, really help the students better prepare for engineering,” Stanford said.
His students agree. Alex Gaspar, from Mahopac, said the hands-on activities in this class help them understand the rigors of engineering. “I love this class,” she said. “The small class size and the one-on-one learning and activities are really incredible.”
“These types of activities really help with calculus,” echoed Michal Baran from Mahopac.
 Fellow student Carla Vera, from Ossining, agrees. “They give us real-life examples, which really help in understanding engineering concepts.”
New Visions Engineering students at The Tech Center at Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES explore the world of engineering through hands-on projects that integrate academics and engineering concepts. Students have job shadowing, internship, and site-visit opportunities coordinated throughout the school year, enabling them to see first-hand the activities and responsibilities related to various engineering disciplines.

Caption: Michal Baran, Mahopac; Nicolas Rotunno, Somers; and Carla Vera, Ossining, analyze the motion of an object in one direction as part of their physics class at Tech.