Tech Center Partners with College Network for Student Job Prospects

December 18, 2017

Students at The Tech Center at PNW BOCES now have access to a college-level job-recruiting program online. “We are really pleased to be the first secondary-level agency in New York State to utilize the College Central Network recruitment tool, which typically targets and serves postsecondary institutions,” said Amy Michaud-Wells, job development specialist at The Tech Center.
“The Tech Center’s Online Job Board is powered by College Central Network, which provides a platform for our regional partners to connect with our students and alumni for the purpose of sharing internship and employment opportunities,” said Michaud-Wells. “Local business owners are familiar with our high-quality programming and want to employ students who have been trained in courses that are aligned with industry standards.”
The site was launched in August. “We were thrilled by the response of our partners and local businesses,” said Michaud-Wells.
In addition to opportunities offered by BOCES regional partners, students also have access to Jobs Central, a nationwide job search engine. Students can also reference a media library featuring podcasts, videos, and articles designed to help them prepare for all aspects of the job search process, including tips for their first day on the job and maintaining successful employment, according to Michaud-Wells, who added that the site also offers tools that will help students create a résumé or a portfolio.
Amy Michaud-Wells demonstrates Tech’s Online Job Board, powered by College Central Network.