Sports Medicine Students Intern at Northern Westchester

January 25, 2018

Sports Medicine students at The Tech Center have the advantage of shadowing all types of medical professionals in a hospital setting while they are still in high school. Maria Tomais, from Putnam Valley High School, has been interning at Northern Westchester Hospital for several months. She is learning the ropes of all aspects of the facility — from business operations to medicine.
“I started my internship with the operations manager and got to see the workings of all the different floors and really got the gist of the hospital,” Tomais said. “Now I am in the ER, seeing really interesting cases.”
Tomais plans to major in pre-med in college. “Working in the ER has been particularly helpful in seeing all the different areas of medicine,” she said. Tomais has observed doctors attending patients with cardiac issues, brain disease, and cancer. “There have also been a lot of patients coming in with the flu this year.”
Her Sports Medicine classwork has been beneficial in helping with her internship. “Most of the things I have learned in my Sports Medicine course can be translated to my work at the hospital,” Tomais said.
Sports Medicine students on the Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES campus study anatomy and physiology, exercise science, athletic training, and nutrition and have access to valuable internships. The bourgeoning sports medicine field includes physical therapy, nutrition, chiropractic, massage therapy, and nursing. Emerging fields such as athletic training, biomechanics, kinesiotherapy, exercise physiology, and personal training are also under the sports medicine umbrella.
Sports Medicine student Jill Walsh, from Hendrick Hudson High School, feels the class has been a tremendous asset to her decision to become a radiology technician. Walsh, who volunteers at Hudson Valley Hospital, is also interning at Northern Westchester.