Pines Bridge School Holds Prom for ‘Transitions’ Students at PNW BOCES

June 14, 2019

As the students in Pines Bridge’s Transitions program made their grand entrances into the gym through a golden, picture-frame arch, each paused for a moment marked by smiles, giggles and camera clicks. It was Prom Day – and they were ready to celebrate!

This week, young women in fancy dresses and young men in jackets and ties enjoyed that most typical of high school milestones, Prom. They danced and clapped to “Shout” and other party standards spun by a DJ. They donned top hats and held up silly props for Polaroids snapped at a photo booth. And they enjoyed a special lunch served by teaching staff at the gym, which had been transformed by gold, black and white balloons and other decorations.
Students River Casey and Alexis Aguiar said they liked the dancing best. Jhuleidy Rivera enjoyed “the songs and posing for pictures.” And classmate Erin Ledwith the said “best part was dressing up for Prom.”

For teachers and administrators at the Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES campus in Yorktown, the “best part” was all of it. As staff joined in with students on the dance floor, several said they were thrilled to see their students laughing, dancing and mugging for pictures at a typical high school experience.

Pines Bridge Principal Csilla Mate said many young people with special needs share a love of music, adding that an opportunity to sing, dance or simply move to upbeat songs helps bring students out of their shells.  

“It’s a really exciting event for us,” she said, looking around the gym on Thursday. “It offers a great opportunity for our students to experience one of the special parts of senior year at a typical high school – and they are just having a blast!”