Medical Assistant Students Present Wellness Workshop at BOCES

March 22, 2018

What are the effects of cholesterol on the body? What about sodium? How good (or bad) are carbs? All of these questions and more were addressed by Medical Assistant students on The Tech Center campus of PNW BOCES, when they presented their findings in a recent workshop.
“My students thoroughly researched their topics and presented a nutrition/wellness information workshop in conjunction with National Nutrition Month,” said their teacher Maria Pontbriand. The students presented their findings to visitors on the campus, including students from other Career and Technical Education programs, teachers, and staff.
“We need cholesterol to maintain health, but there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol,” said Lakeland student Samantha Mills. She and Nicole Loayza, Fox Lane, and Sherenne Barrera, Putnam Valley, explained that too much “bad” cholesterol can clog arteries.
Erykah Nadal (Carmel), Brianna Lux (Somers), and Ankita Thumma (Brewster) presented their findings on the pros and cons of eating carbs. Using sugar cubes, they displayed the amount of sugar in an apple vs. that in a package of candy. While both have sugar, the apple also has fiber, they said, which fills you up more and is better for your body.
Other topics included plant-based proteins, GMOs, the health aspects of foods like nuts, and how to get the most health value out of packaged or canned foods.
Medical Assistant students at The Tech Center learn the clinical, administrative and hands-on aspects of this fast-growing segment of the medical field. Many students continue their studies in in college, while others choose to find employment in the healthcare field after graduating.
Erykah Nadal (Carmel), Brianna Lux (Somers), and Ankita Thumma (Brewster) present their findings on carbs at the Nutrition/Wellness Information Workshop at The Tech Center recently.