CTE Month Celebrates Tech Center at PNW BOCES

February 12, 2018

They do internships in hospitals, engineering firms, architectural companies, and classrooms. They study physical therapy, veterinary science, cyber security, and film. And that is just a sampling of the courses high school students can take as CTE (Career and Technical Education) students at PNW BOCES.
Because February is CTE month, The Tech Center at PNW BOCES is celebrating all of its programs and student accomplishments. CTE graduates work as doctors, architects, teachers, aerospace engineers and more. They work in the fashion industry, own their own landscaping companies and go on to higher education. In fact, 85 percent of CTE graduates at PNW BOCES go on to college.
“Career and Technical Education provides opportunities for high school students to stand out from all others by better preparing them for both college and for a future career,” said CTE Director Cathy Balestrieri.
Because so many CTE programs include internships, students get the chance to see what prospective careers are like, saving them time and money once they get to college.
When Laura Spallina-Pelleccio first attended the New Visions Health program years ago, she thought she wanted to be a Forensics Science major. “Working with multiple disciplines within the healthcare field in the New Visions program, I discovered my true calling in nursing,” said Spallina-Pelleccio who currently works as a nurse practitioner at Northern Westchester Hospital.
“While in high school, students enrolled for part of their day in a CTE program can earn high school academic and college credits, participate in an extensive, rigorous career relevant internship, and earn a nationally recognized endorsement on their high school diploma,” said Balestrieri.
Said PNW BOCES Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lynn Allen, “CTE gives students the edge they need to launch them in prestigious college programs and ultimately high level professions.”