CODA Club Sends a Strong Message

April 13, 2018

Fox Meadow High School’s CODA Club has a message for classmates struggling with addiction and mental health disorders: Don’t be afraid to seek help! Speakers brought in by the school’s Co-Occurring Disorders Awareness Club told students that addiction, coupled with issues like anxiety and depression, had spun their lives out of control. But, they added, help is out there.

Former Fox Meadow student Jeffrey Playford told students attending a CODA Club presentation that he initially turned to drugs because he felt different and wanted to escape himself. After a several-year odyssey of drug use, failed rehab efforts and other problems, Playford is now sober and grateful to be alive. 
Cheryl Green, speaking at a CODA Club presentation at Fox Meadow High School, said addiction to opioid painkillers, coupled with depression, had caused her to throw away a promising career in news production and damaged relationships with friends and family. Now sober, she looked back at 10 wasted years: “I thought I was on top of the world. I wasn’t.”   

Fox Meadow High School counselor Hector Rodriguez told students that mental health issues and addiction are often linked. Speaking about celebrities ranging from Matthew Perry to Lady Gaga who have opened up about their dual problems, Rodriguez said their biggest takeaway message was: “Get help as soon as possible.”