Pines Bridge Students Enjoy Annual Thanksgiving Feast

November 17, 2017

As they recently celebrated the annual Thanksgiving Feast at the Pines Bridge School, several students looked up from plates piled high with turkey, stuffing, baked ziti and sweet potatoes topped with crispy marshmallows to answer the question, “What are you thankful for today?”
“I’m thankful for the staff,” said Lashanda Crosby, “and thankful I got to help today.”

“I’m thankful I came to school today, because I love the food here,” classmate Jhuleidy Rivera said.

Looking over at the teachers, aides and other staff still serving students the many dishes they had prepared, student Erin Ledwith said, “I’m thankful for all the food they made us.”

For about 25 years, staff at the Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES school in Yorktown have marked the Thursday before Thanksgiving by cooking and bringing in trays of turkeys, side dishes, pasta and mac-and-cheese, along with pies and other desserts, for a school-wide celebration. Teacher Connie Liotta said the day is mostly about the food – after all, it is a “feast” – but it also offers a chance for students to work on important socialization skills. Some students, including those in her class, also helped decorate the tables set up in the school gym with pumpkins, paper turkeys and other symbols of fall.

“It’s just a wonderful tradition,” she said, “and there’s a lot to be said for tradition.”

Especially at Thanksgiving.