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SCIENCE 21 is a K-6, standards-based science program developed from the New York State Learning Standards for Math, Science and Technology. More specifically, the SCIENCE 21 program is correlated and aligned to the key ideas, performance indicators and the major understandings that are found in the New York State Education Department's two publications, Elementary Science Core Curriculum, K-4
and Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum, Grades 5-8. In Addition, SCIENCE 21 has now been aligned with the recently adopted Common Core State Standards.

To find out more about how SCIENCE 21 is correlated and aligned to the NYS Elementary Science Core Curriculum, K-4, click on Elementary Core.

To find out more about how SCIENCE 21 is correlated and aligned to the NYS Intermediate Level Science Core Curriculum, 5-8, click on Intermediate Core .

To find out more about how SCIENCE 21is correlated and aligned to the Common Core State Standards, click on Common Core.

To help in addressing the Common Core State Standards and the upcoming Next Generation Science Standards, we have developed a number of exemplar lessons to be used for planning purposes. Please note that these lessons are in draft form. The draft lesson for Grade 6 will be available soon.

Grade K Grade 4
Grade 1 Grade 5
Grade 2 Grade 6
Grade 3 CCLS

SCIENCE 21 is anxiously awaiting the Next Generation Science Standards. To learn more about these standards, take a look at the presentations we have put together on the different anticipated components:

To find out more about what SCIENCE 21students will know and be able to do by
the end of the year for each grade level in terms of the science standards, click on
Program Standards.

Click on Essential Questions to view the "big questions" that teachers and students address in the SCIENCE 21 program.

Click here for a list of Unit Concepts for the SCIENCE 21 program.

For more information, contact
David Jacob
Science 21 Coordinator

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