Substitute Finder

The Substitute Finder (SubFinder) Service provides a web-based system for reporting absences and securing substitutes. There is an automated call-in and call-out option as well. The system manages absences and substitute assignments and can be used as an attendance management system for district-wide staff. A payroll interface option allows participating districts to export absence and job information and integrate it with the districtís payroll or human resources system. The system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It tracks every detail of each absence automatically. Employees can record absences through the end of June or up to one hour before an absence. Staff can request specific substitutes or have priority list subs called. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly absence analysis reports are available to the district. SubFinder can eliminate the use of time sheets for substitutes.

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Call Teresa DeBellis, SubFinder Coordinator
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