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Below are answers to questions you may have about the Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES Arts in Education programs.

Q: Who can I contact if I have a question about the Arts in Education Service at P/NW BOCES or the Arts in Education Website?
A: Please E-mail Stacy Chryssikos at:, telephone: 914/248-2349 or send a fax at 914/248-3838.

Q: Who does BOCES serve?
A: Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES (P/NW BOCES) serves the Public School Districts of Putnam and Westchester Counties. When these school districts work with BOCES to obtain a wide variety of services, the cost of these services become eligible for state aid reimbursement. Call to find out if you are not sure if your District uses BOCES Services.

Q: I am a principal in a private school. Can I use BOCES services?
A: Although some services are provided to private and parochial schools by BOCES, the state aid reimbursement is available only to public schools. Of course all schools - whether they are public or private - are encouraged to use our WEBSITE to find artists who can work with their students.

AIE Programs

Q: Which ARTS programs support Visiting Artists in the Schools?
A: In one way or another, all Arts in Education programs support the interaction between artists, students and teachers through attendance at performances in and out of school. Artists also serve as mentors and role models for students. The most direct way for artists to work with students is within a Visiting Artists program.

Q: How can I arrange one or more museum visits for my students?
A: Use the Arts in Education Website to search for the organization you want to visit or topics you wish to address. (REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO JUST THOSE LISTED - YOU CAN VISIT ANY ARTS FACILITY). Contact the museum's education program and describe your particular interests. If the BOCES staff can assist you in this process, please call 914/248-2349.

Q: What kinds of arts experiences are available for my students outside the school?
A: Through the BOCES Arts in Education Service, students can visit museums, galleries, performances on Broadway, at Lincoln Center or in hundreds of other venues. Some of the programs which offer instruction in other settings outside the school are: the Lincoln Center Institute, collaborative programs with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. The criteria is that these experiences support the NEW YORK STATE LEARNING STANDARDS FOR THE ARTS and your arts curriculum.

Q: What is the goal of the Arts in Education Service?
A: The goal of the Arts in Education Service is to connect the community of artists with the community of educators. Doing so will enrich learning for our students and support teachers as they strive to accomplish this and to strengthen music and arts education and enrich learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Q: Why are artists considered important partners in the educational process?
A: Helping students to solve problems creatively is a primary goal of education. Artists are constantly involved in the creative process as they do and make art. They bring a unique perspective to the school environment and this perspective makes learning more vital, provides support to teachers, and helps students to cultivate their own innate creativity.


Q: How can I learn about the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts?
A: On the Arts in Education Website, look at "GUIDELINES" which includes the New York State Learning Standards. For a detailed description of these Standards, visit

Q: What is the function of the Arts in Education Website?
A: The Arts In Education Website provides teachers, administrators, PTA members, librarians and others with a quick and easy access to information about services provided by artists and arts organizations.

Q: What kind of artists can be contracted through the Arts in Education Service?
A: Any artist or arts organization can be contracted through BOCES' Arts in Education Service as long as their services support the NEW YORK STATE LEARNING STANDARDS FOR THE ARTS, and it the program ties into your Arts Curriculum. {REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO JUST THOSE LISTED - YOU CAN HIRE ANY ARTIST).

Q: Now that I've printed a Request for Visiting Artist form, what do I do next?
A: Fill in all the information about who you will be hiring and make certain that the Request form is signed by your school principal and your district's Arts in Education Representative who also serves as liaison with BOCES' Arts in Education Service. Make certain that the form is complete and legible. The form should be submitted at least 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the program.

Send Request Form to:
Stacy Chryssikos - Arts in Education Coordinator
Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES
200 BOCES Drive
Yorktown Heights, New York 10598-4399
Phone: 914/248-2349
Fax: 914/248-3838

Q: Can I obtain tickets through the box office?
A: Yes. You will need to contact the box office and reserve the tickets. Ask them to send you an invoice. Attach the invoice to your Request form when you submit it and BOCES will pre-pay it. REMEMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST AT LEAST 3-4 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE DATE THE BOX OFFICE REQUIRES PAYMENT.

For the Artist/Presenter Submitting a Program

Q: What is the cost of listing my program on the Arts in Education Website?
A: The cost to artists and arts organizations that enter their own information onto the website is free.

Q: What is the deadline for me to submit my information onto the Website?
A: There is no deadline but each year all program information which has been entered onto the Website needs to be updated. However new programs can be entered and existing programs modified at any time during the school year via the Arts in Education homepage.

Q: I am not sure within which categories my program(s) should be registered under. How can I decide?
A: Please choose from the list below:


    Ballet, Ethnic, Folk, History, Modern, Tap, Country, Movement, Martial Arts, Yoga Arts, Etc.
    Authors, Creative Writing, Fiction, Journalism, Poetry, Storytelling, Etc.
    Bookmaking, Crafts, Environmental Arts, Fashion Design, History, Murals & Portraiture, Photography, Holography, Book Illustration, Cartooning, Etc.
    Ethnic, Folk, History, Instrumental, Jazz, Modern, Electronic, Opera, Musical Theatre, Vocal, Experimental, Etc.THEATRE
    Circus Art, History, Improvisation, Musical Theatre, Puppets, Mime, Playwriting, Etc.

Q: What happens after I submit my information to the Website?
A: After you have submitted your program information it will be reviewed by BOCES Arts in Education Coordinator to make sure it is an Arts program and all the info is correct. Then it will be approved and available for viewing.

Q: How do I add programs or modify my information in the future?
A: If at any time in the future you wish to modify your contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.), or add new programs and/or modify or delete existing program(s), please login using the Artist's Log-in Box to the right of this page or on the homepage of the AIE Website. You will need your user name and password that you chose when you filled out the online application.

Once you have logged in, you will see the Artist Information Manager. Through this interface you will be able to modify your contact information, add new programs and/or modify or delete existing program(s).

All new programs and/or modified programs will be re-submitted to the BOCES Arts In Education Coordinator for review before being posted to the Website.

For further information / assistance, please contact Stacy Chryssikos at

Q: Who is eligible to be included on the Arts in Education Website?
A: All artists or arts organizations which support the school music, art, dance, theatre, literature, poetry or creative writing curriculum through performances, workshops, master classes and/or residencies and who have the desire and ability to share their art, their talent and their knowledge with students and teachers are eligible to participate.

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