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Artist/Company Payment Info
Artist/Company Name A Day in Clay
Address 16 Lavender Lane
Tomkins Cove, NY 10986
Phone 1 845-786-2243
Phone 2 914-715-1915
Fax 270-716-2243
Alternate Contact Cliff Mendelson
Program Information
Program Title Multicultural Mask Making
Program Description Students will create masks to express a range of emotions as well as creating their own myth and story behind the mask using clay. After the firing they can add color/decorations.Using many ceramic techniques, we will create a range of faces/expressions that will relate various aspects of the student reality today or use the past visual history to express something about an aspect of your life or your own personal emotions. Masks have been worn from Ancient times to modern day. Primitive tribes wore mask as part of their ritual, festival, ceremonies and dances. The mask was thought to give super natural powers to wearers,ie. Nigerian, Pre-Columbian, Japanese/ Kabuki, Native American. Nature tells a story using the symbols/patterns/imagery-Sun, Earth, snakes, animals. Explore/discuss create, patterns & designs, to express feelings, exaggerate facial proportions and features intrinsic to their culture, as well as, animal imagery/metaphor. We will explore the cultural role of the mask.
Fee For Program 1500.00
Fee For Travel
Duration 1- 2 visits
Number of Performers/Presenters 1
Categories Visual Arts
Grade Levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
NYS Standard Levels Addressed 1, 2, 3, 4
Background Information
Member of Teacher Retirement System No
Fingerprinted YES
Reference 1 Kim Kilcoyne
Seely Elementary School
Reference 2 Pauline Halim
Thomas Jefferson Elem. Sch.
Reference 3 Rachel Deluca
Greenville Elem
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