Child Development & Education I & II
Teaching Career Academy

Melissa Davis

Child Development & Education I

A first year course designed for students-usually juniors- who are interested in teaching or in working with students in some other capacity. (Ex.-counselors, therapists, social workers, pediatric medicine etc.) The course covers child development from conception to adolescence, educational theory, classroom management, education law as well as the experience of running an on-site preschool 2 days a week.

Child Development & Education II

A second year course designed for students-usually seniors-who have successfully completed the first year and who want to complete the 2 year program. In addition to continuing working with the preschool, second year students will complete an internship in a classroom of their choice. They will choose the level and course of study that most interests them and work closely with a cooperating teacher. They will complete the program with a professional portfolio and a significant amount of hands on experience.