Sports Medicine
Health Career Academy

William Brightman


Sports Medicine is a dynamic and emerging field within the Allied Health Professions. Individuals of all ages recognize the correlation between exercise, fitness, injury prevention and long term health. People seeking sports medicine therapy include individuals in search of effective exercise programs, those who want to regain strength after and injury, individuals with special needs who want to expand their physical capabilities, and athletes looking to improve performance.


Career outlooks for individuals trained in sports medicine is very promising. A large variety of traditional fields now have training in sports and fitness. These fields include Medicine, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Nursing. Emerging fields such as Athletic Training, Biomechanics, Kinesiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, and Personal Training are also under the Sports Medicine umbrella.


Students will study the sciences behind sports medicine and be prepared to counsel individuals in fitness and health promotions or have a foundation to continue their career in any of the above allied health fields with specialization in sports medicine. Students will study anatomy & physiology, exercise science, athletic training, and nutrition. They will also be earning college credit upon completion as well as a credentialing as a Certified Personal Trainer.