Construction Career Academy

Gerry Markel

Architectural Design & Modeling would be for student innovators that learn by doing. Students who come to the Architectural Design & Modeling come with a strong curiosity, a deep empathy for other people, and the desire to gain an understanding beyond their own experience. We can define what it means to be an Architecture and Design Lab student broadly. Our primary responsibility is to help prepare students to rise with the challenges of our times.


Students will be challenged to take on the world's messy problems together. We don't just ask our students to solve a problem; we ask them to define what the problem is. Along the way, our students develop a way for producing creative solutions. This process requires collaboration across disciplines drawing on methods from engineering and design, the arts, and the business world. Students want to put their efforts into problems that matter. A real-world problem aids learning more than hypothetical classroom exercises. We play and we focus on creating spectacular learning experiences. This is the core of what we do.