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Core Programs Top

Teachers use student interest in a particular career area to motivate change in behavior that interferes with the learning process and potential employment opportunities. These programs offer the small group instruction, supervision structure and support students need to be successful. Classes include:




Life Programs Top

Life classes are designed to prepare special needs students for the world of work. Students participate in a variety of vocational experiences in preparation for independent or supported employment

ELL Immersion Program Top
The ELL Immersion Program at the Tech Center at Yorktown is for high school students who have recently arrived from other countries and need to learn English. Listening, speaking, reading, writing and non-verbal communication skills are developed to help students further their education and facilitate career success. Students learn English while either earning high school credit or, for Spanish speaking students,  engaging in spanish GED preparation.


Students my sign up for either a:

            ♦ 2-Hour Program
                    2 Hours English Immersion

            ♦ 4 hour Program
                    2 Hours English Immersion
                    2 Hours Tech Program

            ♦ 6 hour Program
                    2 Hours English Immersion
                    2 Hours Tech Program
                    2 Hours Spanish GED

English Language Learner CTE Programs

Spanish translation for key terminology is provided within each of our ELL Career and Technical Education Programs listed below:

*Minimum 70% final average is required for admittance into Spanish Cosmetology II.  Students must be 17 years of age and a legal resident of New York State to sit for a New York State Cosmetology licensing exam.

Alternate Options/TASC Top
Alternate Options/GED is a program for students who choose not to pursue a traditional high school diploma. This course is designed for 16-20 year olds and is taken in conjunction with a Tech Center class. Students must qualify for this program and are tested prior to admission. Alternate options classes begin in September, November, and March contingent on enrollment. Applications for this program must be completed by the home school district counselor.