Regional Safety Services

Regional Safety Services

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Regional Safety Services (RSS) provides a broad range of health, safety and emergency planning services.  Programs and services are provided by our Regional Safety Coordinator, Frank Guglieri and our Regional Safety Technician, Carol Sneyd in conjunction with other safety professionals and local law enforcement.

Consultant Services are provided by companies and individuals who contract with PNW BOCES RSS to offer specialized programs and services.  These are listed under the Consultant Services tab.
Each year we host workshops, seminars, and special events on our campus to support the districts in responding to current issues in our region.  Our Calendar of Events Page and MyLearningPlan give more detail.

Our Regional Safety Committee, Regional Crisis Team and Administrators Regional Crisis Team provide a forum for discussing issues in a collegial atmosphere.

Our goal is to provide our districts the services and programs that are important to them.  Don’t wonder if we have a service, call us and we will either provide it for you or point you in the right direction.

For prompt service & more information contact:

Frank Guglieri, Regional Safety Coordinator
Telephone: (914) 245-2700
or (914) 248-2457

Carol Sneyd, Regional Safety Technician
Telephone: (914) 248-3854