Fox Meadow Students Honored


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Pictured Above: Fox Meadow senior Daniel Box (left) presents award to fellow senior John Rodak (right) as Principal Nicole Murphy looks on. Fox Meadow recognized 36 students Friday for academic achievement and attendance.

Thirty-six students at Fox Meadow Middle/High School were recognized Friday at a special breakfast for “Exceeding Expectations Every Day.”

The students were honored for excellent attendance and academic achievement with a pancake breakfast prepared by Fox Meadow staff members. Honorees received certificates for maintaining an average of 80 or above, passing all classes and missing fewer than three days of school since September.

“Students should be recognized for their achievements,” said Principal Nicole Murphy. “Small improvements are big improvements and help to build a path to success. The staff are really proud of the students who are giving it their best effort and since we are a family here, a breakfast seemed a good way to celebrate.”

Jaquail Grant, one of the honorees, said “It made me feel great to receive this award and I think my mom will be really happy to see how I am improving.” Grant added that it meant a lot to know that the staff at Fox Meadow had prepared and paid for the breakfast themselves. “Not many schools would do that for their students,” he said.

Honorees included: James Collins, Raven David, Dre ‘Nell Selby, Isaiah Thompson, Jonathan Alexander, Ryan Ortiz, Azure Santiago, Jalyn Arias, Dan Box, John Cabaleiro, Mimi Diaz, Jaquail Grant, Devonte Hudson, Maria Kilmer, Caitlin Madsen, San-Allen Perry, Kyle Pettit, Dennis Pilotti, T’Kyia Powell, John Rodak, Michael Servino, Kevin Sullivan, Colby Kelland, Justin Green, Anisa Hamilton, Andres Virola, Joe Becker, Dean Fejes, Sean Gooden, Patrice Kemp, Max Ramrhiki, Nate Holt, Angel Batista, Nicole Roublick, Justin Cohen and Damani Went.