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Water Testing Results 

In light of water quality concerns across the country, and in accordance with new regulations from New York State, Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES has just completed a second round of water quality testing in our school buildings. 

Last spring prior to the new regulations, our BOCES was proactive and tested all of the drinking fountains and our water sources used for preparing food in all of our school buildings. The water was tested for traces of lead using a protocol set forth by state and federal regulatory agencies. The protocol calls for water samples to be drawn after the water has been standing in the pipes for at least eight hours. We had only one drinking faucet that was located in a Tech Center classroom that was identified as exceeding the 15 parts per billion limit set for lead in drinking water. Upon notification of this information, the drinking faucet was immediately removed from service.

The recently approved regulations require school districts and BOCES in New York State to not only test drinking fountains and cooking water sources but to also take additional samples from water sources that are not used for consumption or food preparation such as bathroom sinks. During the second round of water testing, we did find a small portion of non-water consumption sinks on our three campuses that did have test results that were identified as exceeding the 15 parts per billion limit set for lead in drinking water.

We have taken the appropriate steps to address the identified sinks that exceeded the 15 parts per billion limit for lead.

Please click on the following links to read the complete lead testing report for all of our school buildings and our corrective action plan.




John McCarthy
Assistant Superintendent