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Center for Environmental Education
2016 Summer Camp at Madden Outdoor Education Center

Madden Science & Exploration Camps are dedicated to giving youth the opportunity to safely explore our natural world and rekindle the instinctive scientist and ecologist in them!

Our enthusiastic staff is experienced in dynamic, hands-on, experiential, and inquiry-based teaching and may be familiar to your child through the programs they teach in local schools throughout the school year.

This year we are offering the following camps:

Curiousity Club
(ages 5 - 7)
(ages 8 11)
(ages 12 - 16)
7/5 - 7/8  
Falconry Academy
7/6 - 7/11  
REEF SCUBA/Snorkeler Trip to Key Largo
7/11 - 7/15 Diggin' Dinos Discover Dinosaurs! Nature's Transformers
7/18 - 7/22 Mad Scientist Madden's Mad Scientists Geology Rocks Let's Roll!
7/25 - 7/29 Wacky Weather Worlds of Weather Mt. Greylock Wilderness Adventure
8/1 - 8/5 Giggle & Grow Grow, Grow, Grow! Marine Adventure Camp
8/8 - 8/12 Wildlife Adventures Meet the Mini-Beasts Madden's Earth Stewards
8/15 - 8/19  
Madden Summer Olympic Celebration

For descriptions or to register your child for any of our camps, please click on the following link: If you have any questions, please call (845) 225-9256 or email Rachel at