Center for Environmental Education

Summer Camp at Madden Outdoor Education Center, Kent Cliffs, NY

Madden Science & Exploration Camps are dedicated to giving youth the opportunity to safely explore our natural world and rekindle the instinctive scientist and ecologist in them! During the summer we offer nine-weeks of camps for ages 5 – 16 at Madden Outdoor Education Center in Kent Cliffs, NY. This year we are offering a Meteorology with Jim Witt camp over spring break on the P/NW BOCES campus in Yorktown Heights.

Our camps are designed to support and expand what children are learning in school through in-depth educational and fun experiences. Campers will experience many hands-on learning activities such as experiments, observations, games, hikes and field study, all in an outdoor, enjoyable and educational setting. Madden’s extensive resources include educational animals, historic buildings and landmarks, as well as 120 acres of land that contain a wetland, pond, forest and fields.

Our enthusiastic staff is experienced in dynamic, hands-on, experiential, and inquiry-based teaching and may be familiar to your child through the programs they teach in local schools throughout the school year. This is an excellent program for parents who wish their children to have an opportunity to both exercise their minds and enjoy the outdoors during the summer. If you are interested in registering your child for any camp, please click on the following link: If you have any questions, please call (845) 225-9256 or email Rachel at

2014 Special Camp Programs