Environmental Education

Center for Environmental Education
Who Are We

Center for Environmental Education (CEE) has been a leader in providing unique, cost-effective, and innovative programs to school throughout the Hudson Valley for over 40 years.  CEE engages and enlightens K-12 students by:

  • Offering programs to enhance the teaching of the environment, science, social studies, sustainability, and team-building skills
  • Supplying captivating instructional support materials, including live animals and rare artifacts
  • Providing dynamic, experienced staff who specialize in classroom-based instruction for ALL children
  • Utilizing flexible scheduling to server small or large numbers of students
  • Delivering programs at schools (indoors or outdoors), local parks, or the PNW BOCES campus


Districts who are members of the Center for Environmental Education can choose from 94 classic and standards-aligned programs tailored to meet teachers' needs.  These include:

  • Programs in the area of Earth Science, Ecosystems, Environmental Awareness, Lifecycles, Food Webs & Wildlife, Social Studies, Sustainability, and Team Building
  • Programs aligned with the NYS Science Standards' Performance Expectations for grades K-3.
    • Grade 4 lessons will be completed by August of 2019
    • Grade 5 lessons will be completed by October of 2019
    • MS Band (6-8) lessons will be completed by January of 2020

The cost for membership is determined by district size.  Larger districts receive a greater number of program days as part of their program cost.  Up to five program blocks can be scheduled in one program day.  Each program block can accommodate 1-2 classes depending on the program.  Additional fees may be incurred when programs require additional staff, rental fees, or consumable materials.

For more information about programs and rates:  (914) 248-2335