Creative Services

Video Services

Video content is an increasingly crucial creative component of a visual communications strategy. The Creative Services Department with our School Communications Services will partner with you to provide resources that will help you to achieve your messaging goals.


Spotlight Video 

With a professional set including background, lighting, cameras and production staff the Spotlight Video is designed to capture thought leaders in conversation.


Promotional Video

What is the most crucial element of a promotional video? Capturing the attention of the audience through creating an interesting and compelling story. This category of video service will support and define your district’s brand while boosting district morale and strengthening community engagement.


Highlight Video

A highlight video is a series of clips that showcase key features of a program initiative, event or achievement by capturing your audience’s attention and potentially compelling them into action.


Explainer Video

Whether you are looking to describe a simple process or a complex explanation of the overview of a budget, an explainer video will provide your district with the ability to tell your story.  These animated videos are often used to inform the community about proposed programs, initiatives, capital projects and budgets.


Signature Video

A two- to four-minute interview-based communication from the district featuring multiple locations. Your district can communicate with your school community audience in a way that will more powerfully form a connection than simply through using print copy.


District Video

It is never too early in the school year to begin filming for the purpose of capturing the essence of what a district represents.  More often than not the nuances of growth and experience can only truly be viewed and appreciated through the lens of captured moments through time. An example of a District Video features highlights of events throughout the school year from Homecoming to Graduation.